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Coleen Hoare

Founder & Managing Director

A global recruitment expert with 16+ years’ experience in education, Coleen leads CODA’s Managed Service offering, providing schools with full-suite recruitment service and additional school improvement strategies. As Business Development Director she drives strategic growth, secures contracts globally, and leads operations. With a focus on client-centric service, Coleen ensures smooth relocations for candidates worldwide, drawing on her experience of living in the Middle East for 5 years. 

“I wanted to create a trusted, mission aligned recruitment company where teachers’ welfare and student success and safety is paramount.” 

Favourite Country I’ve Visited: Brazil. We explored Rio for Carnival, Iquazu falls, florianópolis and Copacabana. Such a beautiful country, with an amazing culture, people, landscape and caipirinha’s!  

The Next Place I Want To Visit: Bali, after reading ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ I started researching and falling in love with what Bali has to offer, certainly next on the list for me! 

My favourite teacher was: Mr Thomas, he was a pastoral lead at my secondary school and went the extra mile to check in with me throughout school. He pushed me at sports and really supported me in making the right decisions when choosing subjects for my GCSE’s.

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Paul Grisewood

Partner & Director

Executive Search & Education Services B. Ed, B.A.Ed FAIM MACE, MACEL, LColT

Paul is an experienced educator with 32 years in premium independent and international schools across Australia, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. As an international school director, principal, and consultant, he specialises in school improvement, quality assurance and establishing schools. Paul leads CODA Search’s executive services division, delivering strategic leadership recruitment and education support and solutions for schools worldwide. Paul also leads CODA on safeguarding standards, fostering a culture of care that promotes trust, security, and confidence between the schools, pupils and teachers that we work with.

“Professionally administered and strategically aligned recruiting processes secures the right leadership. It is the best way for school communities and governors to realise their vision for their schools.”

Favourite Country I’ve Visited: My all-time favourite country where I lived and worked for three years was Japan. A wonderful balance of peace, harmony, culture, ….and quirk.

The Next Place I Want To Visit: South America …. My last continent to conquer.

My Favourite Teacher Was: Mr Rosemire. Dedicated, tough and quietly caring – a great role model for boys education.

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SHONA Morgan


As a dedicated Recruitment Consultant with eight years of global travel experience, Shona specialises in connecting top talent with leading educational institutions worldwide. Shona’s expertise in establishing safe spaces for young people as founder of The BetterThanThis Foundation enriches her approach in educational recruitment. She recognises the significance of creating supportive environments and applies this understanding to her work in the global recruitment sector. Shona leverages her diverse background to shape the future of education through impactful recruitment strategies.

Favourite Country I’ve visited: France is my favourite country. I adore its work-life balance, dedication to fresh cuisine, strong sense of community, and of course, the exquisite wine and coffee. 

The next place I want to visit: Peru and exploring the wonders of the Incas remain a top priority on my travel list. 

My favourite teacher was: Mrs Wilmot, I was terrible at math, but she took extra time with me and helped me to visualise the problem to help me understand math in a way I’d never been able to grasp before. Her understanding of diverse learning styles enabled me to succeed.

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Lucy Swindells

Social Media Marketing

Having worked in marketing for over 10 years, Lucy is a creative storyteller passionate about crafting compelling content. Her journey into educational recruitment has fuelled a desire to connect and engage educators globally. Highlighting the brand’s integrity, she aims to increase visibility and awareness by sharing the in-house expertise and services to create meaningful connections between schools, teachers and CODA Search.

Favourite Country I’ve Visited: I loved travelling around Vietnam and its captivating blend of bustling cities, serene countryside, and delicious street food – it was a real adventure. 

The Next Place I Want To Visit: The next place I want to visit: Botswana to explore the Africa’s natural beauty of the Okavango Delta and experience Africa’s vibrant culture. 

My Favourite Teacher Was: Miss McQuarry – she read the best books with real emotion and did all the voices. I’ve always been captured by a good story! 

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