Teacher Recruitment Fairs

Are you looking to make volume placements for your founding or growing school? To maximise your recruitment strategy and budget CODA Search works with your school to create an engaging 1 or 2 day virtual recruitment fair to put your school in the spotlight and fill a multitude of positions.  

What sets us apart:

  1. Tailored Advertising: Our comprehensive advertising campaign ensures that your virtual fair reaches the right candidates through mailshots, website spotlight, social media, job boards, and LinkedIn, maximising your recruitment reach.

  2. Streamlined Screening Process: Save time and resources with our rigorous candidate screening process. An invite only recruitment fair where the best candidates make it through to the next stage, ensuring quality matches for your vacancies.

  3. Efficient Shortlisting: We work closely with your hiring team to create a shortlist of top-tier candidates, taking the hassle out of the selection process and ensuring a smooth running of the event.

  4. Seamless Event Management: Sit back and relax as CODA handles all the logistics of the recruitment fair, from managing candidate breakout rooms to ensuring smooth interview timings. You can trust us to keep everything running like clockwork.

  5. Expert negotiation and offer management: Leave the negotiations to us! We’ll extend offers to chosen candidates and manage the delicate negotiation process on behalf of your school, ensuring a win-win situation for all parties involved.

Design your Virtual Teacher Recruitment Fair with CODA Search and revolutionise the way you find top talent for your team.

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